Miracle Waist Trimmer - The Ultimate Waist Band

Miracle Waist Trimmer - The Ultimate Waist Band
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  • Warms on skin instantly
  • Burn 150-220 Calories in Mid-Section
  • Back Support and Stability
  • Increase sweat by 70%
  • Can be worn 8-12 hours a day
  • Define muscle and produce curves

This product is a Sauna Steam Belt made for promotion of weight loss in the midsection. The Miracle Waist Trimmer warms within 30 minutes of wearing it. Can be worn up to 12 hours. This product comes in all black with white trimming and logo. Sizes run in Small, Medium, Large, 1X-5X. No other colors are available.

When in doubt always purchase a size larger not smaller. When you purchase a size larger and your tummy begins to shrink, you will then be able to pull straps tighter. A larger size increases comfort and longevity.

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